Get $2-10 leads from Google Ads!

Hi! My name is Max Wilhard (about) and I offer you $2-10 leads from Google Ads for your business. Of course, for different topics, the cost of a lead is different, but on average for our customers it is $2-10.

What’s the secret? There are no secrets. We just do much more work and do it more thoroughly than others. Moreover, I am a Google Ads expert with 20 years of experience with lots of cases and certificates. How we setup advertising (our «secrets») read here and here.

If you don't get what we agree $2 - 10 leads70% budget cutTraffic for peanuts get your money back.

you are safe: we will work with escrow through a third party service like

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Get the cheapest leads from Google Ads or Bing!

We will set up your Google Ads (Bing, Yahoo) and tweak your website usability features so that you’ll get inexpensive leads from $2.

Get very cheap leads from $2target traffic for peanuts30-70% budget cut at the same time.

Traffic for peanuts

We specialize in one-cent PPC advertising on Google Adwords or Bing. You’ll get a few thousand low-competitive keywords, best-selling ad texts and a unique heading for every keyword.

A lead from $2

Get leads for your business from Google Adwords or Bing as cheaply as possible. Our one-cent pay-per-click strategy together with tweaking your website usability will deliver fantastic results.

70% budget cut

Some of our customers came to us from the best PPC management companies. Nevertheless, we cut down their PPC budgets by 30 to 70 % and at the same time increased qty of leads by 30%.

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